• Seidule

    HCRealms link available here:

    Info below copied from HCRealms.

    Hello Realms! Although I am a new player (< 6 months), I decided to create a 3D map to celebrate the launch of a podcast I'm a part of called "Duo Attack" with a very experienced player who is a Heroclix judge. It's basically like a buddy cop movie about Heroclix, with a rookie and the cop about to retire.

    I created a video for the 3D map and the commentary is available on the Duo Attackpodcast, episode #003. You can find the podcast on ITunes and on the Stitcher App by searching Duo Attack.

    The video is found here: YouTube

    ITunes Podcast Link: Itunes

    Stitcher link: Stitcher

    A few notes for those watching the video: 1) The map is a 6 pl…

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  • Illuminitti

    Hero Snapz have released...

    The Hero SnapZ base is a universal mount for any 2010 and lower and some 2011 Heroclix. The Hero Snapz mount has a High Intensity LED

    attached to it that illuminates the figurine and the clix dial . No modding is required. Simple insert your favorite clix and the High Intensity LED will

    turn on. Remove the clix and the LED will turn off. You WILL NOT have to remove the figurine in order to click and play. A 2032 Coin Battery is

    included in every mount you purchase, which will allow you over 100 hours of play time. The Oreo Base mounts and Peanut Base mounts are in the works.

    Come Check Them Out,

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