The beast that killed Superman. Let's see how the veteran form from Hypertime can fight. He has no range, 176 points, and the Superman Enemy Team Ability.

Click 1: Speed 8 (Charge), Attack 11 (Super-strength), Defense 16 (Impervious), Damage 3 (Close combat expert). Click 2: Speed 6 (Charge), Attack 10 (Super-strength), Defense 15 (Impervious), Damage 3 (Close combat expert). Click 3: Same as Click 2. Click 4: Speed 6, Attack 10 (Super-strength), Defense 14 (Impervious), Damage 2 (Close combat expert). Click 5: Same as click 4, but no Close combat expert. Click 6: Speed 5, Attack 10 (Super-strength), Defense 14 (Toughness), Damage 2. Click 7: Speed 5, Attack 9 (Super-strength), Defense 13 (Toughness), Damage 2. Click 8: Same as click 7. Click 9: Same as clicks 7 and 8, but no Super-strength.

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