The Wasp is really the second female superhero of Marvel. Powers include shrinking, which in turn gives a bioelectric "sting", flight, and even somewhat increased strength.

Stats (range 4, 1 target, 33 points, Uncommon)Edit

Click 1: Speed 8, Attack 7 (incapacitate), Defense 18, Damage 2. Click 2: Speed 7, Attack 6 (incapacitate), Defense 17, Damage 2. Click 3: Speed 6, Attack 5, Defense 15, Damage 1. Click 4: Speed 5, Attack 4, Defense 13, Damage 1. Click 5 (last one): Speed 4, Attack 4, Defense 12, Damage 1.


Great defense on those first two clicks for someone of her time. It's a trade-off though; Attack that never goes above 7? Why, even for a 2002 fig, that's bad.

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