Quicksilver is a powerful speedster in the comics. This is his earliest Experienced form in HC.

The premier speedster of Marvel comics never gets Hypersonic Speed, even in veteran?! No fair!!

Stats (Range 0, 27 points, Uncommon).Edit

Click 1: Speed 13 (flurry), Attack 8, Defense 16 (shield/deflection), Damage 2. Click 2: Speed 12 (flurry), Attack 7, Defense 15 (shield/deflection), Damage 1. Click 3: Speed 11, Attack 6, Defense 14 (shield/deflection), Damage 1. Click 4: Speed 10, Attack 5, Defense 13 (shield/deflection), Damage 1. Click 5 (last one): Speed 9, Attack 4, Defense 12, Damage 1.

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