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In HeroClix, each figure has a value which determines its relative Rarity. With the release of The Avengers set in 2007, the system changed so that there are now four rarity levels. These are Common (White Tab), Uncommon (Green Tab), Rare (Silver Tab), and Super-Rare (Gold Tab). The rarity of a figure is displayed on a tab located under the set icon on the figure’s base.On 2012 with the batman set they add a new rarity call Prime the rarity of prime is best describe as this it like a chase but not as rare as a chase. Their are 4 primes to a set (common,uncommon,rare,super rare) and the prime is one rarity up then normal (ex.a common prime is like a uncommon, an uncommon prime is like a rare, a rare prime is like a super rare, and a super rare prime is like a chase.)

There is also a 5th rarity called LE (Limited Edition) or Chase (Bronze Tab). LE are usally used for figures given away as tournament prizes. Chase can be found on a limited basis in regular booster packs.

Old system Edit

Under the old system, there were six levels of rarity, numbered 1-6. Level 1 was most common and level 6 was most rare. The rarity level corresponded with how many figures WizKids made. However, these numbers are approximate. WizKids did not track mathematical statistics on the rarity of individual figures, so the odds of getting specific figures was not possible to calculate. However, the more common a figure was, the more frequently it would appear in the Booster Packs. The old Booster Packs contained two "common" figures with a rarity of 1–4, one "rare" figure with a rarity of 3–6, and one "variable" figure with a rarity of 2–6.

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