Themed teams are forces of HeroClix characters that have experience working together or common fighting styles and have extra synergy. This familiarity is represented by them sharing a keyword.

Characters in your Sideline are not part of your starting force and do not count for a Themed Team.

In order for a starting force to become a themed team, in step 1 of the Beginning of Game phase, you must choose a single keyword that all characters (that aren’t bystanders) on your starting force already have. Your starting force must also have at least two characters (that aren’t bystanders) on it. Once a starting force becomes a themed team, it remains so for the rest of the game, regardless of KO’s, replacement characters, gaining or losing keywords, etc. If the chosen keyword is a named keyword, then your team is a “Named Themed Team,” otherwise the team is a “Generic Themed Team.”

Themed Team Benefits Edit

Initiative Bonus (This is the only benefit for a generic themed team):

Just after establishing themed teams, in step 2 of the Beginning of Game phase, a player with a themed team that’s rolling for first player increases their result by +1 for each character (that isn’t a bystander) with the chosen keyword on that starting force.

Themed Team Probability Control (TTPC):

If a player’s starting force is a named themed team, it can use TTPC. TTPC allows characters on that force to use Probability Control, up to X total times per game for that force. X is equal to the number of characters with the chosen keyword on that starting force, with a maximum of 5.

In addition, a character using TTPC:

  • Must have the chosen keyword.
  • Must target a character other than itself.
  • Must have 0 or 1 action tokens, and immediately is given an action token.

Note that a character that already used Probability Control (“normally” or through TTPC) can’t use it again in the same turn, because of its inherent once per turn restriction.