There are three types of hindering terrain; printed, debris and placed


An area containing objects, trees, rocks or other detritus which impedes movment and provides cover. Hindering terrain is designated by a green border on most maps, although older maps are left to the discretion of the players.


These are counters placed following the destruction of blocking terrain


These are counters or 3D representations placed on the map. They vary from mundane items (VCRs, gumball machines, sewer covers, rocks) to enhanced objects (indestructible objects, magic items, items that give various combat bonuses). There are 4 kinds of objects: light, heavy, ultra-heavy and immobile.


Hindering terrain has three major effects on play.

1. A character with no means to ignore hindering terrain for movement stops moving when they enter a square of hindering terrain.

2. A character with no means to ignore hindering terrain for movementmoves at one-half their speed, plus or minus any modifiers, when they start their turn in hindering, and

3. A line of fire drawn through hindering is hindered. The effect of a hindered line of fire is a +1 bonus to the Defence value of a character targeted by a ranged combat attack.

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