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    HCRealms link available here:

    Info below copied from HCRealms.

    Hello Realms! Although I am a new player (< 6 months), I decided to create a 3D map to celebrate the launch of a podcast I'm a part of called "Duo Attack" with a very experienced player who is a Heroclix judge. It's basically like a buddy cop movie about Heroclix, with a rookie and the cop about to retire.

    I created a video for the 3D map and the commentary is available on the Duo Attackpodcast, episode #003. You can find the podcast on ITunes and on the Stitcher App by searching Duo Attack.

    The video is found here: YouTube

    ITunes Podcast Link: Itunes

    Stitcher link: Stitcher

    A few notes for those watching the video: 1) The map is a 6 pl…

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